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NQR H3 Run #18

NQR H3 #18 - Vampire Hash
Location: Pyeongtaek Exit #1
Time: Friday June 10th, 8 pm
Hares: Timber Balls, ?

This month we'll be having a special vampire hash. Come as Edward or Bella, or your favorite traditional monster. Zombies are welcome to attend as well. :-)

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Run #17 – Friday the 13th Hash

NQR #17 - Friday the 13th Hash
Location: Suwon Exit #1
Time: 8 pm
Hares: Golden Flow, Blood-e Bush Diver, and Thumper Humper

We're planning a special out of area run for #17, which also happens to be our one year anniversary (not bad for a monthly hash, eh.) and a special Friday the 13th themed run. So bring your hockey masks and murder weapons and meet at Suwon station exit #1. If you're coming from Seoul, just follow the directions for Pyeongtaek, but get off the train sooner. :-) For those of us going North to Suwon, here's a list of subway times:

From Pyeongtaek - Subways leave at 7:07 and 7:20 pm. Train leaves at 7:26 pm.
From Songtan - Subways leave at 7:11 and 7:32 pm.

Leaving Suwon:
Last subways South at 11:08 and 11:38 pm
Last subway North at 11:16 pm
Last train South at 11:40 pm
Trains North at 11:58 pm to Yongsan or 12:08 am to Seoul

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NQRH3 #16

NQR H3 #16
Friday May 6th, 8pm
Pyeongtaek Stn, Exit #1
Hared by Lucky Pierre

Since we obviously don't have enough hashes down in Pyeongtaek, I'll be hosting a special '여섯 de Mayo' hash. No need to dress up in any extra-ordinary fashion, just come out to enjoy a tasty combination of Corona and Cass with Lemon.

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NQR Burn Booty Birthday Hash! Run #15

Friday April 8th at 8pm - Pyeongtaek Station Exit 1

So, you scurvy dogs... the time has come again for celebrating the land of NOT QUITE RIGHT with a hash in our favourite-ish location... and this time, MYSELF, BOOTYLICIOUS is turning 28 (again - 4th time). Yes, despite my best efforts, I am still here so help me celebrate and CUM OUT AND R*N/WALK OR CATCH A LIFT IN THE BONGO! I don't really care, just be there (and bring a Virgin!)

Now, since it is a night-time hash... I thought it'd be cool if you could wear anything with flashy lights or glow in the dark stuff (also, so I can see you cuming and can hide from you!). Think TRON. Ok? Got it? Well, you know the rest. Bring a torch (flashlight), a sense of humour and a liver (underpants are optional).


Booty x

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NQRH3 Run #14

For the 14th NQR run, we'll start at 8 pm at the usual point near Pyeongtaek Station, exit #1.  Unlike normal though, this will be an A to B trail, so please show up on-time.   I will also include a very short late-comer / walking trail directly to the down down site, but it won't be nearly as much fun as the actual trail.

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NQRH3 Run #12

I've been receiving a lot of grief for not keeping this updated lately...

Anyway, on February 11th we'll meet at 8:00 pm at the usual spot in that little park next to the Lotte apartments.  Follow chalk to the South from outside the Pyeongtaek train station, exit #1.  Soju Sonata in A-Minor will not only hare this run, he's also promised us warm weather.

On On,
Lucky Pierre

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NQRH3 Run #6

Since Timber, and an elite (?) subset, will not be able to make the hash on its regularly scheduled date, he's planned an extra special away-hash for Friday August 20th.  We will still meet at the usual spot in Pyeongtaek at 8:00 pm, but then will travel by SHHH Bongo a the secret squirrel run site.  You don't want to miss this one.

-> Lucky Pierre

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NQRH3 Run #5

In true Not Quite Right fashion, and unbeknown to him, Timber Balls will lead us on a daring and exciting dash through the town of Pyeongtaek (or maybe places South of there).  Plan to meet at the park in Pyeongtaek at 8pm on Friday August 13th.

UPDATE: Lucky will hare this run, and by special request we'll start a little late to accommodate hashers from Seoul.  But please if you are arriving late, make sure you make a arrangements with Lucky the day of the hash.

-> Lucky Pierre

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