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NQRH3 Run #5

In true Not Quite Right fashion, and unbeknown to him, Timber Balls will lead us on a daring and exciting dash through the town of Pyeongtaek (or maybe places South of there).  Plan to meet at the park in Pyeongtaek at 8pm on Friday August 13th.

UPDATE: Lucky will hare this run, and by special request we'll start a little late to accommodate hashers from Seoul.  But please if you are arriving late, make sure you make a arrangements with Lucky the day of the hash.

-> Lucky Pierre

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  1. Timber hared this one after all… the trail, mostly laid in dark purple (perfect color for a night hash) crayon-chalk, took us out of the city, and through the rice fields just South of 평남로. After re-entering the city on the west side of the tracks (officially the wrong side), we encountered the unexpected and controversial bad-trail mark, something that a certain unnamed hasher referred to as a true-trail. During the down down, the relatively small group of hashers cleaned off nearly three cases of beer and half a case of Zima-like beverage, Win!

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